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Nowadays starting or growing your own online business is easier than ever. There is only one but – you have to have accurate knowledge. Before starting my online business journey, I didn’t have a drop of knowledge about business at all.

I was so lost in the abyss of the information for a while that I didn’t even know what to do next – all decisions seemed great and terrible at the same time. There were so many opportunities in front of me.

But I started learning and implementing what I learned. Those sleepless nights and days helped to see a bigger picture of how profitable online businesses runs. It took time and hard work to gain knowledge which turned out into possibilities to make money. And I know that you can do it as well, but much faster and easier. As long as you have a computer and internet on your side.

As I started at the very bottom – no money, no knowledge, no experience I know exactly how you feel. Looking back, I often think about what would have happened if I had been able to find all that information in one place. How much time and effort I would have been able to save if I had had something to rely on?

So for this reason, I created Pathpages to help online business owners just like you to gain knowledge that helps you achieve your goals faster and easier

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